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Is the price by team or by player?

Prices are for the entire TEAM.

What if I miss a cut off date for registration?

You pay the next price, just don’t miss the next cut off!

When will schedules come out?

We get schedules out by the Wednesday prior to the tournament, sometimes even earlier.

When will our games take place?

Love to tell you exactly, but once your first game happens, if you win you enter into separate bracket then if you lose. So be prepared to play for 2-4 hours after your first scheduled game.  Remember, if you forfeit a game, another team gets shorted a game.

 Who will get the schedules or information?

During registration we collect emails, all communications and schedules will go to those emails (yes you can add more than one email.) If you want to add and email just send it to opcm3on3@gmail.com, but please include the associated team/division when sending us your new email address.

Where and when do we check in?

One hour before your first game, have all your players available to check in at the tennis courts in Central Park. This location is in the middle of town, so it might take a while to get there, so plan ahead so you are not running late. Players must be checked in and wrist banded in order to play, no exceptions.


Refunds will only be given until July 31st, refunds can take up to 2 weeks to be processed and then they have to be mailed, so it could take a while to get your check. If a team needs to drop last minute or after July 31st, no refunds are given. Good news is 100% of the proceeds of this event goes to helping underserved kids in the community, so registration can be tax deducted even if you didn’t play!


Yes, please! We promise to put to great use all donations, so include your family or company as one of our sponsors. If you can help us out, please contact opcm3on3@gmail.com. Most years we even have several teams pay a bit extra to help us collect a bit more money.

What if it rains?

Unless there is dangerous weather like lightning or tornadoes, we play. If the ball will bounce we make a go, so please come prepared to play!

Can there be coaches?

No coaches except by registered players, period, if non players are detected coaching from the sidelines by M3B officials, those individuals will be first warned, then baby sat and if needed could be asked or helped to leave.


Only the youngest divisions will have officials, all games will have court monitors at all times. If play becomes rough, players can not control their language or anything occurs that monitors believe to be dangerous, M3B officials will step in. If this happens, offending players/teams could be asked to sit out for a period of time, or possibly ejected. If the whole team is having issues the team could forfeit its game(s) or be ejected from tournament.

What if a player or team gets ejected from the tournament?

Offending players or teams must leave the tournament area, not refunds will be given. Luckily we have not had this situation happen often in the past. All rulings are up to referees or M3B site officials to make and are final. To keep order, if ever needed Milford Memories committee provides both local and state police who operate mobile offices about 100 yards from our courts, we can call on if ever needed for assistance.